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Will Dorrien-Smith is an award-winning filmmaker with over 15 years of experience in cinematography and editing for television, documentary and branded content. 


Life Below Zero - Camera Operator & DIT

Liz Grow

Co-founder at Grow House Media

Will possess the ability to bring ideas to life at any stage. If you have a clear vision or zero concept, Will is your guy. His experience as an editor puts him in an elite group of talent for the new media era. As a director, he can lead a crew of any size with masterful vision and is a true game-changer on set. Finally, Will is one of the true professionals that I've worked with who shows up early and meets deadlines on time -this is so hard to find! We will have Will on our team for as long as he will have us, you won't regret this decision.

Chris Paschall

Supervising Producer at Vertical Networks

Will is a highly knowledgeable and accomplished DP and all around crew member. He's smart, reliable and tries hard to accommodate every production need. Any production with him on it is better, plain and simple.

First Alaskans - Director of Photography

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